‘In other Motes, Of other Myths’

Emily Dickinson and the Responsive Body – Disruption, Interruption and Timing

This session begins with a day-long workshop. Sally Bayley, Nicole Panizza, Suzie Hanna and Hannah Sanders will work with the audience to create new ‘experimental readings’ of Dickinson’s work by merging fragments of selected poems with lyrics from various songs found in her piano bench. Featured material will consist of textual fragments that exist in direct sympathy with and reference to the envelope poems featured in Bervin, Werner and Howe’s The Gorgeous Nothings. This will be followed by a c. 30 minute performance featuring musical performance and video projection: an exploration of the various ways in which live performance can develop and accommodate fragmented and disrupted motifs.

The following clip showcases an example of such a performance; Nicole Panizza plays piano while Hannah Sanders sings and Suzie Hanna generates the images projected on the screen:

The session will conclude with a roundtable discussion, where the performers will discuss their creative process from “page to stage”, and a brief Q&A session.


This image is taken from Letter to the World (2010) an animation exploring the poetic imagery of Emily Dickinson by film maker, Suzie Hanna.